MCYPAA Aims & Purposes
Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. We direct our attention towards young people by providing the Michigan Convention of Young People in AA, which meets annually on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Experience has shown MCYPAA as a prime opportunity for young people to participate in and share their experience within AA as a whole. We encourage all AA’s, Al Anons, A.C.oA’s, and Alateens to participate in and support MCYPAA. Nonalcoholics are also welcome to attend all open meetings to further public awareness & understanding of alcoholism.

Congratulations ROCYPAA!

MCYPAA 39 will be hosted in Oakland County! Check back soon for registration and hotel details. For questions about this year’s convention, email the host committee at host[at]mcypaa[org].

Where’s it Goin!?

Bid Committees are already forming across the state for MCYPAA 40! Check out our bid center to see upcoming Bid Committee meetings and events, bidding requirements and how to form a bid committee. For more information about bidding, contact MCYPAA Advisory Council Bid Committee Coordinator Jay L., at jay[at]mcypaa[dot]org.