What is MCYPAA?

Dear Young Person in AA,

We would like to invite you to participate in the Michigan Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous, or MCYPAA. This event is an annual convention that takes place around the Thanksgiving Holiday in a different city every year. Several hundred recovering alcoholics gather together to celebrate sobriety. We have speakers and topic panels along with entertainment and lots of fellowship. This convention is geared toward “young people”, and gives us the opportunity to share our experience in recovery.

In addition to the convention, MCYPAA Service Committees (bid committees) are active throughout the state all year long. These committees host sober events, participate in outreaching the convention, and help carry the message of recovery to other young people. They are also “bidding” to host the convention in their city the following year. Participating in a MCYPAA service committee is a great way to build relationships and have fun in sobriety.

My experience participating in MCYPAA was life altering. I got sober in a smaller community with very few people the same age as me (I was 22). I was craving a fellowship of individuals who were serious about sobriety but still wanted to have fun. MCYPAA gave me that community. It also gave me the chance to do a lot of service work and develop a skill set that has carried into my academic and professional life. I feel so blessed to continue to serve MCYPAA and I hope that I can carry this message to you.

This packet provides information about starting a MCYPAA Service Committee and bidding for the convention. These basic guidelines are useful but limited. Part of participating on a committee is to learn together as you go. Advisory council members and other service committee members are available to help.

On behalf of the MCYPAA Advisory Council,

MCYPAA 2012 Host Committee Member
Advisory Council Member
YPAA Enthusiast

MCYPAA Aims and Purposes

Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help alcoholics to achieve sobriety. We direct our attention towards young people by providing the Michigan Convention of Young People in AA, which meets annually around the Thanksgiving Holiday. Experience has shown MCYPAA as a prime opportunity for young people to participate and share their experience within AA as a whole.

We encourage all AAs, Al-anons, A.C.o.As, and Al-ateens to participate in and support MCYPAA. Non alcoholics are also welcome to attend all open meetings to further public awareness and understanding of alcoholism.