Advisory Council

The MCYPAA Advisory Council (MCYPAAAC) consists of former host committee members from the previous four conventions. We are available to assist the host committee and bid committees and answer general questions about MCYPAA and YPAA as a whole.

Position Name MCYPAA Host Contact Info
Chair Karina L. MCYPAA 36 – Flint karina [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-Chair Andy W. MCYPAA 36 – Flint andy.w[at] mcypaa [dot] org
Treasurer Kurt S. MCYPAA 35 – Northern Michigan kurt [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Secretary Emily Y. MCYPAA 37 – Lansing emily [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Committee Coordinator Jay L. MCYPAA 37 – Lansing jay [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Public Info Alexis C. MCYPAA 37 – Lansing alexis [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Archives Dominic A. MCYPAA 36 – Flint dominic [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Outreach Austin S. MCYPAA 36 – Flint austin [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Website Bradley A. MCYPAA 37 – Lansing bradley [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Member at Large Jon L. MCYPAA 35 – Northern Michigan jon [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-Public Info Dominic E. MCYPAA 38 – Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti dom [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-Website Doug R. MCYPAA 38 – Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti doug [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-Treasurer Lisa R. MCYPAA 38 – Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti lisa [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-Committee Coordinator Andy R. MCYPAA 38 – Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti andy.r [at] mcypaa [dot] org

Revised: November 2016