Advisory Council

The MCYPAA Advisory Council (MCYPAAAC) consists of former host committee members from the previous four conventions. We are available to assist the host committee and bid committees and answer general questions about MCYPAA and YPAA as a whole.

PositionNameMCYPAA HostContact Info
ChairAndy R.  MCYPAA 38 - Ann Arbor/Ypsilantiandy.r [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-ChairMegan S. MCYPAA 39 - Oakland Countymegan [at] mcypaa [dot] org
TreasurerMara P. MCYPAA 39 - Oakland Countymara [at] mcypaa [dot] org
SecretaryAndrew B.MCYPAA 39 - Oakland Countyandrew.b [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Committee CoordinatorJason K.MCYPAA 39 - Oakland Countyjason [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Public InfoDominic E.MCYPAA 38 - Ann Arbor/Ypsilantidom [at] mcypaa [dot] org
ArchivesBobby M.MCYPAA 38 - Ann Arbor/Ypsilantibobby [at] mcypaa [dot] org
OutreachAlexis J. MCYPAA 40 - Grand Rapidsalexis.j [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-Committee  CoordinatorJosh M.MCYPAA 40 - Grand Rapidsjosh [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-SecretaryChris B.MCYPAA 40 - Grand Rapidschris [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Co-TreasurerDamian L.MCYPAA 40 - Grand Rapidsdamian [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Data Aggregate MasterDamian L.MCYPAA 40 - Grand Rapidsdamian [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Rotating OnRob G.MCYPAA 41 - Detroitrob [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Rotating OnTine N.MCYPAA 41 - Detroittine [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Rotating OnBrandon P.MCYPAA 41 - Detroitbrandon [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Rotating OnHolly L.MCYPAA 41 - Detroitholly [at] mcypaa [dot] org
Revised: December 2019