Questions Commonly Asked By Bid Committees

How do you start a Bid Committee?
You find a group of people interested in doing service work and of course having the convention in your city.

Who can join a Bid Committee?

Tradition Three: The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

What positions consist on a Bid Committee?
Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Outreach, Special Events, merchandise and Hotels.

Who can run a Committee Meeting?
Usually anyone on the steering committee can run a meeting, but that duty would originally go to the Chair or Co-Chair.

What is a Steering Committee?
These are the people who hold the Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary positions. They are used when a decision cannot be MADE WITHIN the committee and the issue is passed to the steering committee to settle the issue or situation.

Does each position has a description and were do we find them?
Advisory Council has descriptions of all positions. Simply ask or request the job descriptions and they will be passed on to you. Usually this is done when a Bid Committee is forming.

Does the Advisory Council has a website?
Yes! You are currently on this website. It is mcypaa.org

How do we stay in contact with Advisory through out the year?
Usually at the convention we pass out our own member listing, and pass is on to Bid Cities. However, they will change since at that time we are changing officers.

If we have questions through the year WHOM on the council do we ask?
Anyone serving on the Advisory Council can answer questions you may have through out the bidding year.

Group Inventories how and why?
Inventories should be done when the members sitting on the committee, feel that the committee is not working as one group. It should be done with an adviser (not necessarily an advisory council member) but a person who has done a group inventory before.

How do you arrange dances?
Calling around to Alano Clubs, finding out what dates they have and scheduling with them. Then of course doing outreach for your event.

Where do you find DJ’s?
Simply by calling other bid committees or knowing someone who does DJ for events is done, through Young Peoples who pass a lot of DJ’s numbers between committees.

How do you open a bank account?
This is a great question! The answer is complicated. There are resources available through A.A General Service Office, however, we suggest contacting an Advisory Council member and we would be happy to assist you with getting an account opened.

How many years do you Bid before you get to Host?

Why do Bid Committee’s and Host Committee’s need to send their meeting minutes to advisory?
Well, so we as the advisory council can see how you are doing and how your planning is coming along. It makes it easier for us to have a general idea on what is going with the bid cities and host committee.

How much merchandise should a Bid Committee purchase?
The rule of merchandise is order when you sell out of your current supply. Start off by ordering a small amount, When you sell out , order more but always in small amounts. Yes, even before a convention do not over order, it is always better to sell out then be stuck with merchandise after the convention is over.

How do you get Hotels to lower costs for a young people convention?
In the beginning hotels give everyone the same contract when you first start looking. The bargaining starts when and if you awarded the convention. If you can get contracts from previous conventions and show this information to the hotel of your choice, hopefully they will see how much money they can be made in one weekend and work with you on hotel prices.

When problems arise on bid committee can we call on advisory to help with an issue?
Whenever a situation happens on a bid committee, advisory will always be there to help. However, the group conscience of the bid committee will have final word. Advisory is there only to help maintain the vibe.

Can Bid Committees, Host Committees attend Advisory Council meetings?
Yes, anyone is welcome to attend advisory council meetings. The only meeting that is not open to the public is convention weekend.