Outreach Strategies

Michigan Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous


Bid-Committee Outreach Strategies

  • Mailings and mass emails are good but nothing comes close to the effectiveness of face-to-face outreach. The more one on one contact the better. People, especially those who traditionally aren’t attendees of young people’s conventions respond well when we take the time to have a conversation and explain what MCYPAA is all about. The first outreach job is for the Bid committee elections. It is important that everybody know about the elections so your committee may be comprised of people from all over your AA community.
  • Research the dates for all the Young Peoples and large-scale AA events in the state and make sure someone is at each of these doing outreach. It is imperative to make your Bid committee a visible presence at all young people’s events throughout the year. Contact these conference host committees and inquire about setting up an outreach table at their conference. If you absolutely cannot get anyone on the Bid committee to an important event be sure to call on someone in the area to do outreach for you. This is an area where advisory council members and delegates can be extremely useful. Even if we can’t make it we are sure to know someone who can.
  • Also remember that MCYPAA is especially concerned with outreaching communities that have previously been overlooked. Approach new communities/new meetings with humility and ask for their help with the bid/convention. People respond better when approached in this way. We do this outreach to improve the face of MCYPAA, to provide young AA’s who attend with a better cross-section of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are not here to improve anyone else’s AA, it doesn’t need improvement. We are not trying to save anyone, just to include them.
  • Everyone in your local area should know about MCYPAA. At the meetings you attend regularly they should be groaning when they hear another MCYPAA announcement. They should know your pitch by heart. And you should be attending meetings you normally wouldn’t.
  • The entire area should know exactly where, when and what MCYPAA is all about. Ask people in your announcement to make copies of the fliers and to announce the convention at meetings they attend.
  • Finally, try to have fun. This is an amazing journey and when you realize what an impact your work had you will be overwhelmed. Remember you are part of creating a powerful experience for a lot of people. Have a good time. You will travel a lot and make many new friends. Don’t forget our primary purpose and your aim will be true.

The Breakdown:

  1. Local Outreach:
  • Go to meetings and announce your events and upcoming convention.
  • Place fliers at local Alano Clubs and/or Inner Groups.
  • Word of mouth! Find others to assist in your local area to announce at their meetings I home groups.
  1. District Outreach:
  • Attend District meetings and announce your events and upcoming convention.
  • Make a “What is MCYPAA” packet (informational with upcoming events, registration flier, committee contacts, etc.) and leave at every District.
  • Try to make a MCYPAA presentation at each district before the upcoming convention. elect a District Liaison while you are at the District meeting. (They will be your main point of contact at that district. They will make announcements for you at each District meeting since you will not be attending everyone.)
  • Co-Host Special Events with different Districts to Outreach the convention.
  1. Area Outreach:
  • Attend all Area Assemblies and announce your events and upcoming convention.
  • Make a “What is MCYPAA” packet (information with upcoming events, registration flier, committee contacts, etc.) and distribute to Area attendees.
  • Try to create a MCYPAA presentation – if the Area permits before the upcoming convention.
  • Try to create a MCYPAA Area Liaison while you are there. (They will be your main point of contact at that Area. They will make announcements for you at each Area assembly since you may not be able to attend each one.)
  • Communicates with GSR’s from meetings throughout the Area to coordinate events and workshops that MCYPAA may participate with and/or co-host.
  • Works closely with the Area Committee Chairs to draw awareness about MCYPAA and General Service to the convention.
  1. Statewide I National Outreach:
  • Attend other YPAA/AA Conventions and outreach to people for the convention and have upcoming event fliers available.
  • Co-Host events with other committees (other bid committee’s for MCYPAA, Host Committee’s for other conventions) to draw awareness about the convention.
  • Attend State Convention and other conventions outside your
  1. Social Media Outreach:
  • Create a Facebook Outreach Page: log into Facebook, go to left side tab under groups – click on groups, click on create group, create group page “MCYPAA Bid-Committee”, invite members, and set privacy settings to PRIVATE!
  • Keep in contact with MCYPAA Website Chair for contact information and to upload upcoming event fliers and convention information and/or updates.
  • You may create your own website if so desired. If desired – please contact your Website Chair on Advisory to get link to general website.