Bidding Requirements

MCYPAA Bid Requirements

(revised March 17, 2019)

Owing to the growing size of our convention along with new challenges in maintaining financial accounts, the Michigan Convention of Young People in AA Advisory Council (MCYPAAAC) has recently revised bidding requirements for our annual convention beginning with bids for MCYPAA 41. We have segregated some of the items into strict “requirements” and “suggestions” to provide more autonomy to Bidders to present what they feel is the best bid package.

  1. Required: Bidders must have commitments of availability from housing facilities for the weekend prior to, the weekend of, or the weekend following Thanksgiving. Such agreements will denote that the Michigan Convention of Young People in AA (MCYPAA) will not be required to fill a minimum number of persons staying at the hotel to hold the convention there. Nor will MCYPAA or MCYPAAAC be held liable for any damage to individual guest rooms. This may be in the form of a proposal or a formal hotel contract. Contracts are preferred as to expedite securing the contract upon being awarded the convention (usually in the form of a deposit).
    Suggested: Bidders should provide two housing facility options/contracts, one of which is the weekend of Thanksgiving.
  1. Required: Bidders must have the date of the banquet, proof of the availability of facilities and meeting rooms, and the date the guarantee is required.
  1. Required: Bidders must show proof that the housing facilities, banquet facilities, and meeting rooms are all within easy walking distance of each other.
  1. Required: Assurance must be given that no other large-scale AA activity is planned in the city during the convention.Suggested: A statement of support from the local inter-groups, Districts, and/or Area should be provided.
  1. Required: Bidders will be required to demonstrate financial capabilities within the traditions of AA as a whole. A financial statement to date is required for the bid. Bidders must design and use a bookkeeping system for all bidding committee funds.Suggested: A separate and distinct bank account should be maintained for all bidding committee funds.
  1. Required: Two projected budgets shall be submitted to MCYPAAAC. The first budget will detail convention costs and expenses (meeting rooms, coffee, banquet, entertainment, etc.) and sources of income (merchandise sales, registrations, events, etc.). These should be derived from your contract and financial figures from previous conventions (available from MCYPAAAC). The second budget will be a “worst-case” scenario, showing the minimum expense of the convention under legal obligation from the hotel contract.
  1. Required: Bidders must have a general outreach plan for the convention.Suggested: Assistance with outreaching current convention with Host Committee highly encouraged.
  1. Required: Bidders must submit a digital copy of their bid packet one week prior to the start of the convention to Six printed copies must be brought to the convention to be submitted to MCYPAAAC.
  1. Required: There will be a maximum time limit of 30 minutes for the presentation of bids. This includes skit, packet presentation, and Q&A from MCYPAAAC.
  1. Required: Bidders must be prepared to sell pre-registrations immediately upon being awarded the convention.
  1. Required: Bidders must agree to follow the Host Committee Responsibilities from the Michigan Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous Advisory Council.