What to Expect At The Convention

Friday Night

MCYPAA Advisory Council will host a “How to Bid Session” after the main speaker.

  • This is an open meeting for the purpose of asking questions about the bidding process.
  • Bid Committees are expected to be in attendance.
  • Individuals and groups interested in putting in a token bid (participating as a bid committee the following year) will also be there.
  • Bid Committees will turn in their bid packets to the Advisory Council. It is a good idea to have a copy for each advisory member and several for the bid committee.

Saturday Morning

Bid Sessions!!!

  • Bid Sessions are open meetings and all convention attendees are invited to watch.
  • Traditionally, Bid Committees present a theatrical skit…humor is appreciated.
  • Each Bid Committee will present their bid to the Advisory Council, this may include:
    • Hotel Info
    • Success of events
    • Outreach techniques
    • Service involvement
    • Strengths/trials of committee
  • Advisory Council will ask specific questions of committee.

Saturday Night

  • Following the main speaker, Advisory Council will introduce Bid Committees and announce the new Host committee.
  • Afterward, each committee meets individually with Advisory to go over strengths and areas of improvement.
  • The new Host Committee is expected to immediately begin selling registrations. Come prepared.